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"Think big"

Incubator Foster Chamberlain is not your typical venture construction firm. Instead of cultivating small dot-com ventures from the ground up, the Philadelphia-based company concentrates on helping big companies launch new ventures.

"We saw there were a lot of big corporations out there that have tremendous advantages at the marketplace, but they were not very good at starting new businesses," says Foster Chamberlain co-founder Todd Peterson. "We help large companies incubate or launch new ventures so they are unencumbered by corporate politics."

by David Jastrow in New York

Oct., 2000 - Computer Reseller News

Client News
Alien Tech (RFID)
Armstrong (iCeilings)
Boeing (Networking)
Dana (Hybrid Engine)
Dana (Microwave)
Delphi (Welding)
JCI (Overhead Systems)
SRI (Artificial Muscle)
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Philadelphia 100 (2000)
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